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NITRO Ticketing Service Request System

Service Request

The HEALTH Center for Addictions Research and Cancer Prevention has implemented a new portal for Affiliates
of our Center to submit service requests to support research needs. 

Before submitting a request:

Please note: Only Affiliates of the HEALTH–RCMI may submit a ticketing request. Additionally, a valid UH email address is required to complete the service request.

If you are not an Affiliate but would like to become one, email a completed Affiliate Application to

If you are not an Affiliate but are a community member seeking services, email your request to, and we will evaluate ways we can support you.

How to submit a request:

Once you have accessed the NITRO Ticketing System, you will see this fillable form to complete your request. All items with a red asterisk must be filled in. Please submit a separate request for each item even if multiple services are needed for the same project.

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 12.46.09 PM.png

If you need assistance in choosing the appropriate service, reference the following links to learn more about the services offered by each of the Center’s Cores.


The AC serves as the executive function to provide leadership, centralized management, and oversight. 

The AC offers services such as: 

• Professional Development Program 

• Pre- and Post-Award Support 

• Administrative and Operational Support 


The CEC provides a rare infrastructure for scientists to execute high-impact research responsive to community-identified health challenges and feedback. 

The CEC offers services such as: 

• Community Research Advisory Board Feedback Meetings 

• Recruitment and Retention Support 

• Partnership Development 



The RIC provides a research infrastructure that accelerates productivity and impact of health-equity science, and facilitates collaboration between scientists from diverse fields to pursue team science opportunities. 

The RIC offers services such as: 

• Research Methodology 

• Data Management and Biostatistics 

• Health Informatics 



The IDC is a resource-efficient incubator for innovative pilot grants advancing health-equity science, and providing the preliminary data needed for UH scientists to accelerate their NIH funding portfolios. 

The IDC offers services such as: 

• Pilot Grant Program 

• Innovative Research Talks 

• Mentorship and Grant Development 

If you are still unsure which service to select, email for further guidance.


Once the request is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the UH email provided and appropriate personnel will contact you to fulfill the request. Once the request is fulfilled, you will receive a HEALTH–RCMI Satisfaction Survey to gauge your experience regarding the assistance received.

Click here to view or download more detailed instructions for submitting a NITRO Ticketing Service Request. If you experience any difficulty with the NITRO System or have additional questions or concerns, email

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